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Facing resistance when caring for an aging loved one can make caregiving responsibilities all the more challenging. They may feel frightened, vulnerable or guilty about the idea of becoming a burden to family members. Difficult decisions like handling finances, hiring in-home support, and creating a safe home environment can not only bring about worry, but in some cases tension and frustration.

It can be particularly challenging to assist someone who doesn’t accept help, or doesn’t acknowledge that they need support. Our Care Coordinators are here to help families navigate those tricky conversations, create a proper plan, and ensure loved ones feel more comfortable accepting help. Watch our workshop to learn more about overcoming resistance during caregiving conversations and how we can support.

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  • How to navigate those tricky conversations
  • Tips and recommendations when faced with resistance
  • How Wellthy can help

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Overcoming Resistance

How to have tough conversations with an aging loved one

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