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COVID-19 Support and Resources Learn More

Supporting Families With Special Needs

The healthcare system can feel like a maze, and navigating the countless administrative and logistical tasks that go into supporting those with special needs can stress and overwhelm the best of us. Discover the support these families need most.

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Workshop: How Activision Blizzard Is Supporting Employees Through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping the way we work, and companies have been racing to adapt to the changing times. At the forefront of the corporate response, benefits leaders are facing unique challenges keeping employees and their families safe, healthy, and supported.

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How New Data Is Signaling Changing Needs for Caregiving Employees

We’re entering a new era for family caregiving. In this webinar, Wellthy’s CEO Lindsay Jurist Rosner, and VP of Operations Pedro Cabassa explore the changing landscape of care, looking at internal data and findings from a national survey conducted by Wellthy.

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Wellthy finds workable and holistic childcare options for employees and their families.


Resources for employers

Helpful materials on caregiving, workplace impacts, and Wellthy.


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Building Equity in the Workplace Through Caregiver Support

The global movement for racial justice is prodding employers to take a hard look at equity and fairness. By proactively supporting working parents and caregivers, employers can advance equity in the workplace, and help relieve a burden that’s rooted in social determinants, gender and ethnicity.

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Wellthy Pandemic Employment Survey
Survey Report

New survey data is revealing shifting perceptions as families begin to rethink care in a post-Covid world.

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A Holistic Approach to Supporting Caregivers and Families

The world of work, home and where the two intersect has been reshaped, leaving caregiving and family dynamics forever changed. Hear top leaders from Mercer, Best Buy, End Well and Wellthy discuss what it will take to move the needle in caregiving, through the pandemic and beyond.

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How the Pandemic Is Forcing Women From the Workforce

While the pandemic has significantly impacted all of our lives, the increased pressures on health, home and caregiving have compelled many women who work to leave their jobs. Not only is this a blow to women’s aspirations in the workplace, but employers are also unable to pursue their business initiatives and need to reassess their short- and long-term strategies.

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Building Equity in the Workplace Through Caregiver Support
White Paper

The global movement for racial justice is prodding employers to take a hard look at equity and fairness within their organizations. By proactively supporting caregivers, employers can advance equity in the workplace, and help relieve a burden that’s rooted in social determinants, gender and ethnicity.

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Voya Financial: Supporting Caregivers in the Workplace

"Bringing on Wellthy as part of our Voya Cares program was a great decision, and I’m so thrilled that our employees are getting the support they need."

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Delivering Holistic Caregiving Support

Industry leaders like Facebook are discovering ways to better help families through a holistic approach that combines workplace culture and employee benefits. In this case study session, you’ll discover ideas and strategies that will enable your organization and its people to thrive.

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Wellthy: Dedicated Support for Employee Caregivers

Wellthy is a caregiving support service for families with complex, chronic and ongoing care needs. By tackling the logistical and administrative tasks of care, Wellthy helps increase productivity, improve retention, and reduce time away, all while giving people the support they desperately need to care for themselves and their families.

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Unlocking Workforce Insights Through Caregiving Data

By recognizing how caregiving uniquely affects different populations, HR professionals can better inform strategy, and ensure they’re delivering support most effectively. In this webinar, we’ll dive into internal data from Wellthy and translate what we’re seeing into valuable takeaways for employers.

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Caregiving Insights for Employers

Companies have recognized that caregiving is an issue impacting a significant portion of their workforce, and that employees desperately need support. They also know that it’s costing them in terms of lost productivity, family leave, time away, retention, and impedes the path to an equitable workplace. 

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