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Helpful materials on caregiving, workplace impacts, and Wellthy—the caregiving support your employees desperately need.

Exploring Presenteeism with
Dr. Debra Lerner

Employees are going to work—but they’re hardly working, and it’s costing companies billions each year. Is presenteeism impacting your organization? Learn how you can make a difference in employee performance and productivity.

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The ROI of Caregiving Benefits

Resorting to family leave, reduced hours, and even resignation, caregivers and employees with disabilities struggle to bring their best selves to work without their employer's support. Find out how employers win when they support these groups. 

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National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month, an opportunity to celebrate, recognize and raise awareness of family caregivers. Discover tangible ways employers are supporting the caregivers on their teams.

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On-Demand Webinars

The Sandwich Generation

The "Sandwich Generation" is one of the most time-poor and stressed demographics, squeezed between raising children and caring for older family members. Explore the impact this has on the workforce, and how companies are stepping in to help.

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Caregiving & Workplace Productivity

1 in 5 working adults struggle to care for aging, chronically ill, or disabled family members. They’re physically and mentally burned out, and the resulting loss in productivity is impacting employers—but it doesn’t have to stay this way.

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Intro to Wellthy Booklet for Employers

Take an in-depth look at Wellthy’s solution and see how we help provide relief for families.

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Intro to Wellthy One-Pager for Employers

Find out how Wellthy can help your organization. 

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Case Studies

Voya Financial: Supporting caregivers in the workplace

"Bringing on Wellthy as part of our Voya Cares program was a great decision, and I’m so thrilled that our employees are getting the support they need."

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Wellthy Overview: How We Help

Explore our solution as we lay out how we help with parentcare, special needs, chronic and self care, behavioral health and substance abuse, veterans support, and low-wage earner support. Learn how Wellthy works, the kinds of tasks we support most often, and how we go about getting things done. 

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COVID-19 Support and Resources Learn More

Workshop: Supporting Employee Caregivers During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented remarkable challenges for family caregivers—an already time-poor and stressed demographic. Explore how companies can best-support employees and their families throughout these challenging times.

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Supporting Families With Special Needs

The healthcare system can feel like a maze, and navigating the countless administrative and logistical tasks that go into supporting those with special needs can stress and overwhelm the best of us. Discover the support these families need most.

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