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Anne Basting, PhD has pioneered a creative approach in how we interact with our older loved ones, especially those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. She has introduced a proven method that uses the creative arts to bring light and joy to the lives of our aging loved ones. Rooted in 25 years of research, her approach fosters storytelling and active listening, allowing loved ones to freely share ideas and stories. These practices stimulate the brain and awaken the imagination to add wonder and awe to our daily lives, allowing family caregivers to connect with their loved ones.

Her latest book – Creative Care: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care - is a beautiful compilation of her techniques and methods for caregivers, healthcare practitioners, anyone with an aging loved one. Join our workshop to hear from Basting on her revolutionary approach!

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  • Define 'creative care'
  • Learn how to apply creative care to caregiving practices
  • Discuss creative care in the age of coronavirus

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Author of Creative Care: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care

Wellthy Workshop with Anne Basting, PhD

Anne Basting, PhD | Guest Speaker

Anne Basting, PhD is a leader in transforming aging and elder care and the recipient of a MacArthur “Genius” Grant. She is the founder of the nonprofit TimeSlips, which implements her innovative approach to memory care, and is the author of CREATIVE CARE: A Revolutionary Approach to Dementia and Elder Care. She is also the author of three previous academic books, The Stages of Age: Performing Age in Contemporary American Culture; Forget Memory: Creating Better Lives for People with Dementia; and The Penelope Project: An Arts-Based Odyssey to Change Elder Care. Her work as the founding director of University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Center on Age & Community was featured in the PBS documentary, The Penelope Project.

Eileen Roach is the Head of Partnerships at Wellthy. Her team is responsible for managing ongoing relationships with existing and new employer partners. With a personal caregiving story of her own, Eileen immediately connected with Wellthy’s mission to help families with complex, chronic, or ongoing care needs. Prior to Wellthy, Eileen was in the clinical research space and served as project manager, recruitment lead, and patient coordinator for several clinical trials in New York City. At Weill Cornell Medical College, her work focused on HPV related diseases in patients with HIV. Before that, she worked at Mount Sinai leading a study that looked at the impact of psychological and chemical stressors on maternal and fetal health. Eileen holds a BS in Health and Exercise Science, with a minor is Spanish and a concentration in Chemistry, from Wake Forest University. Eileen lives in New York City.

Eileen Roach | Wellthy Host