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Saving for college, paying a mortgage, investing in a retirement account - most Americans understand why it’s important to plan for the future. But when it comes to caring for an older parent, many families don’t have a plan until faced with a crisis. Let’s face it, the time to get ready is well before the time comes, and we don’t know what we don’t know.

Learn how Wellthy can support your family in preparation for parentcare needs. From having that first conversation, creating a proper plan, to ensuring the safety and comfort of your loved one, Wellthy is here to help.

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Meet our speakers

Wellthy’s Parentcare Support

Aka eldercare or seniorcare, although we don’t recommend calling mom elderly!

  • Finding the right in-home aide or handling a move into a facility
  • Recommending local socialization programs
  • Setting up home modifications, meal delivery, and transportation
  • Helping to find the right legal resource
  • Navigating insurance options like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Veterans’ benefits 

Jess Anson

Associate Partnership Manager

Jess is on the partnerships team and supports ongoing relationships with Wellthy's employer partners. Managing a rare genetic disorder that went misdiagnosed for most of her life, she was drawn to Wellthy's solution that helps families with complex care navigate the healthcare system. Jess previously worked in public policy, managing strategic partnerships for grassroots lobbying and advocacy initiatives. She holds a B.S. from Cornell University.

Eileen Roach

Head of Partnerships

Eileen and her team are responsible for managing ongoing relationships with existing and new employer partners. With a personal caregiving story of her own, Eileen immediately connected with Wellthy’s mission to help families with complex, chronic, or ongoing care needs. Before Wellthy, Eileen was in the clinical research space and served as project manager, recruitment lead, and patient coordinator for several clinical trials in New York City. 

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The Road to Parentcare

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