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We all want the best for people that we love, and this is especially true when it comes to their care. Oftentimes navigating care can be overwhelming. Take evaluating insurance options for instance — there are so many things to consider, especially with new diagnoses, evolving conditions, and shifts in family care needs.

There are private insurance options which can be provided through your employers or purchased through the Marketplace. But there are also government run programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and oftentimes there’s confusion about the programs and what they offer?

What are the eligibility requirements and who qualifies? What healthcare related expenses do each of them cover? What’s the application process like?  Are there costs to enroll?

Understanding the differences and how each program works can help save money on your family’s healthcare costs.

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  • When to think about Medicare or Medicaid for your loved one
  • How to get started with Medicare and Medicaid
  • How your Wellthy Care Coordinator can help with the process

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