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Caring for the ones you love is challenging at any stage, and most families find the final phases to be particularly stressful. When daily caregiving acts are coupled with complex end-of-life decisions, many family caregivers are faced with an overwhelming feeling of grief and loss.

It’s a phase when families need a ton of support - practical support with care planning, finances, and legal arrangements, to emotional support for the entire family. At Wellthy, we know how difficult navigating this can be. Our Care Coordinators are here to help ensure that end-of-life plans are in place and are respected. We’ll take the time to understand your loved one’s situation and preferences, and be able to provide suitable resources and recommendations regarding end-of-life planning.

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  • How to have those tricky end-of-life conversations
  • What are the most important documents to have in place
  • How Wellthy Care Coordinators help families during this phase of caregiving

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End-of-Life Caregiving Workshop

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