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With so many new and innovative solutions emerging, we thought it might be helpful to define a few terms.

Childcare Glossary

Nanny-sharing: Nanny-sharing allows groups of families to share the cost of a single nanny who can oversee a number of kids in a common space. The nanny can either watch children together in one home or rotate across each family’s home. Alternatively, the nanny can split their schedule with each family separately.

Learning Pod: A pod consists of a group of families teaming up together to provide an alternative learning venue and a safe way for kids to interact with their friends in-person. Though pods can also be set up virtually if preferred. Families can work together to create a curriculum, but they can also hire a teacher or other vetted childcare providers to guide a group of kids through a structured curriculum.

Homeschooling: Homeschooling is a hands-on, family-directed approach to learning. The parent actively selects the curriculum their children will learn, and is solely responsible for their child’s development and what materials they’re exposed to. Homeschooling regulations vary by state, though overall, parents who choose this path have the most say over what their child is learning, and are responsible for providing all books and learning materials. 

Microschool: A microschool is a mix between homeschooling and private school. This concept involves creating a mini school that can be run out of a family’s home, or a dedicated location selected by the parents involved. Microschools tend to be less regimented than traditional schools, and oftentimes are used by families who are not satisfied with their current school system, or who wish to have diversity and inclusiveness across various age groups.

If you’re interested in exploring one of these options for your family, your Wellthy Care Coordinator can support by:

Laying out important considerations based on your specific needs, budget and other relevant circumstances.

Sharing comprehensive and carefully vetted information to help you make your decision and support your family through next steps.

Connecting you with resources that can help set up or facilitate your chosen learning path for your child.

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Wellthy childcare support

Finding childcare, made easy.

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Navigating the maze of childcare is nerve-racking, time consuming, and frankly just a lot to take on. And we know that time is precious, especially when balancing work and other family responsibilities.

Wellthy’s solution finds workable and holistic childcare options for employees and their families—all through a modern, personalized, and best-in-class experience.

Get personalized support for your unique childcare needs

Where to begin? You may have a host of questions and concerns regarding childcare for the Fall and beyond. Here’s how we can help.

Evaluating and recommending babysitting resources or nanny agencies

Finding and vetting live-in nannies for families seeking full-time in-home childcare

Exploring options like nanny-sharing, or other local and community resources

Our experts can find and vet childcare options for before, during and after work

Finding childcare options

Sourcing academic support

Wellthy’s team can guide your family through the process of finding a teacher, tutor or educator to offer your kids a predictable and structured learning experience.

Finding an educator or tutor to supervise virtual schooling and at-home learning

Tracking down in-home or on-site childcare and learning solutions

Navigating virtual learning options to keep kids challenged and engaged from home

Helping your family understand state-specific regulations and all safety precautions for available programs

Finding clinics, programs, and other local activities in your community

Identifying resources to keep your kids engaged, challenged, social and physically active

We can support your family with cost-effective resources close to home

Identifying local resources


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