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Caregiving from Afar


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Caregiving comes with its own set of hurdles, no matter the distance. It can be stressful enough living apart from your loved one, let alone trying to provide support from afar. 

Because we are not always able to provide the hands-on care we would like, feelings of guilt and regret are common among long-distance caregivers. Not being able to pop-in to make sure everything's okay, to help out in the home, or to simply have dinner together can amount to feelings of guilt and concern. 

Without the right support, it can feel next to impossible, not to mention incredibly stressful and expensive. But you’re not alone! Join our workshop to learn more about caregiving from afar and how Wellthy can support.

How you can be there to support those you love from a distance

Our best strategies and tips for communicating with family members

Answers to any questions you have, and how your Wellthy Care Coordinator can help

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