Building resilience while caregiving


Caring for your loved ones is an incredible act of love and commitment, and yet it comes with a variety of hurdles. And the stresses of caregiving can lead to feelings of exhaustion, compassion fatigue, and caregiver burnout.

Thinking of your own needs may be difficult as a caregiver, but it’s important for your wellbeing and capacity to care. Know that it is possible to build resilience during these challenging moments of your life. 

Building resilience can help make daunting tasks seem doable and bring a sense of energy and optimism to difficult situations, which is critical as a caregiver. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, this webinar will serve to provide strategies and practices you can integrate into your daily life to build resilience as a caregiver.

Strategies for adapting to your role as a caregiver with self-compassion

Advice on how you can set boundaries for yourself and your loved ones

How to integrate resilience-building tips and tricks into your daily life

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Paige Olson

Gwen Riggs

Care Adviser, Mental Health Specialist