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Aging in Place


Keeping your loved one safe in the home

Many individuals wish to age within their own home instead of moving to a facility that provides assisted living. Our homes are oftentimes places of safety, joy, and independence; however, there are varying considerations to think through when aging gracefully in the  home. From ensuring the home is safe and accessible for tackling daily personal care and household chores, to managing the financial responsibilities of maintaining a home.

With some minor in-home adjustments and thoughtful planning, you can help create an environment that allows your loved one to live in a home they deeply cherish. Join our workshop to learn more about aging in place and how Wellthy can support.

Home safety and accessibility tips for individuals who wish to age in their own home

Financial considerations for aging in place while maintaining your lifestyle

Answers to any questions you have, and how your Wellthy Care Coordinator can help

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