Scam alert: protecting your loved ones from financial abuse


Older individuals are increasingly becoming the target of financial scams and elder fraud. Proactively learning about the most common elder fraud scams, and taking steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial abuse will serve as a first line of defense to prevent falling victim to it, or stop a scam in progress. Initiating conversations with your loved ones about financial scams can be a tricky conversation to navigate, but Wellthy is here to help.

During this webinar we will review common elder fraud scams - from internet and telephone fraud, sneaky billing practices, to even friends and family fraud. Join us while we discuss tips and strategies that will protect your loved ones and yourself, and what to do next if you do fall victim to a financial scam.

The most common types of elder fraud and scams to watch out for

Strategies to you protect your loved ones from financial scams that oftentimes target older individuals

How to report financial fraud if you or someone you love falls victim

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