Part-Time Assistant


About the position

*Note: Extensive experience vetting long-term care facilities OR extensive professional experience with low-income housing required*

At Wellthy, we dream of the day when taking care of the sick and the elderly becomes seamlessly human and tech powered. Wellthy is evolving the way we take care of each other by building a better healthcare experience for people with complex, chronic, and aging concerns. 

In the Assistant role, you will work directly with Wellthy Care Coordinators to assist with various tasks to support families and individuals all over the US and address their unique caretaking needs. Tasks could include anything from helping them organize a care plan, finding the right provider, managing medical bills, making appointments, tracking medications, vetting facilities, insurance, medical bills, and more. 

You will report to a Care Manager and partner closely with Care Coordinators to complete daily tasks.

You will drive the following efforts

  • Provide remote assistance to coordinators and managers in helping Wellthy customers, using your expertise and know-how to perform caregiving-related tasks.
  • Support with improving and updating Wellthy guides and Community Resources.
  • Represent Wellthy at events such as health fairs and open enrollments (travel and expenses covered by Wellthy).
  • Other non-client-specific work including, but not limited to: feedback and guidance on 
  • Wellthy’s product, service, guides, etc.; contribution to the team culture; writing and advising for marketing materials; and support and teamwork for other service team members.


This is a remote position, so you can work from any location that:

  • Has a private, high-speed internet connection
  • Is suitable to safely and securely accommodate the sensitive information that you will be handling and communicating


In the first two weeks as a Part-Time Assistant, you will participate in various training exercises and sessions, both self-guided as well as collaborating with other Assistants and Specialists.

Departmental Requirements and Preferences

We are prioritizing candidates with heavy experience in the following areas, please be sure to highlight the relevant experience in the bio portion of your application

  • Low-Income Housing: 2-5 years of experience working in a professional capacity assisting with the low income housing process. Extensive knowledge of HUD and Section 8 is required
  • Finding and vetting long-term care facilities across the US: knowledge of different types and levels of living facilities is required
  • Work experience in healthcare or caregiving field, as well as customer service or administrative experience
  • Associate degree or equivalent required
  • Proficiency in more than one language is a plus
  • Proficiency with macOS systems, GSuite, Slack, and 1Password

Benefits and Paid Time Off

You shall be eligible to participate in the benefits generally available to all part time employees of the Company, and as may change from time to time, at the full discretion of the Company.

  • Sick time is accrued at a rate of one hour per 30 work hours
  • You will receive a laptop computer for business purposes, to be returned to Wellthy upon the termination of your employment
  • Stipend of $50 per month for internet access expenses
  • Access to Wellthy’s services to help with your own family’s care
  • This part-time position does not accrue paid time off, please work with your supervisor if you will be unavailable

Equity Grant

You will be granted a right to purchase shares of the Company’s common stock

About Wellthy

Wellthy is a healthcare concierge service. We use dedicated care coordinators and our seamless technology platform to project manage healthcare for families with sick and aging loved ones. Wellthy takes the pain out of healthcare – scheduling appointments, finding the right specialists, researching treatment options, managing insurance, organizing records, communicating with family members and much more. For employers, Wellthy promises to reach, support, and improve productivity of caregiving employees.

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