Part-Time and Full-Time Virtual Care Coordinator 

Job Descriptions

Departmental Requirements and Preferences

  • A successful candidate is a great self-manager, good communicator, proactive, and is comfortable adapting to new programs and situations autonomously

  • Bachelor’s degree required, healthcare-related and/or advanced degrees are a plus

  • 2+ years work experience in healthcare / caregiving required, 6+ years preferred

  • Proficiency in more than one language is a plus

  • Proficiency with macOS, GSuite, Slack, and 1Password

  • This is a U.S. based position and U.S. work authorization is required. 

Part-Time Care Coordinator


  • Help customers (Care Team) using your expertise, skills, and judgement to advise, research, coordinate, and “get done” any healthcare-related tasks 

  • Support with improving and updating Wellthy guides and Community Resources

  • Occasionally represent Wellthy at events such as health fairs and open enrollments

  • Other non-client-specific work including, but not limited to: supporting other service team members, feedback and suggestions related to Wellthy’s product, service, marketing, and guides


This is a remote position, so you can work from any location that is:

  • Private, with secure (not public), fast, and reliable internet and phone access

  • Suitable to safely and securely accommodate the sensitive information that you will be handling and communicating

Training and Certification

In the first two weeks as a Care Coordinator, you will go through a 40-hour training program that includes hands-on work with actual customers. You will then have the chance to show us you are ready by passing the Wellthy Certification, demonstrating proficiency in:

  • Technical knowledge

  • Use of the Wellthy platform

  • Customer service

  • The Wellthy way of communicating

Schedule Requests

  • Availability to work up to 20 hours per week (on average 4 hours per day)

  • Working at least once before noon and once after 4pm every workday (to ensure customer requests and calls are responded)

  • Note: the amount of work you will get after training will depend on your skills and the new care projects created by our customers

Benefits and Paid Time Off

  • You will receive a laptop computer for business purposes, to be returned to Wellthy upon the termination of your employment

  • Stipend of $50 per month for internet access expenses

  • Access to Wellthy’s services to help with your own family’s care

  • This part-time position does not accrue paid time off, please work with your supervisor if you will be unavailable

Equity Grant

You will be granted a right to purchase shares of the Company’s common stock

Once certified, Part-Time Care Coordinators will be considered for increased number of projects and eventually a Full-Time offer as they demonstrate the ability to deliver Quality, Volume, Efficiency, Independence, all while displaying the Wellthy Values. 

Full-Time Care Coordinator

Part-time Care Coordinators that demonstrate Quality, Efficiency, Volume, Independence, and Wellthy Values may be offered a full time position which includes these in addition the part-time conditions:

Benefits and Paid Time Off

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance coverage

  • Long-term Disability Insurance

  • Commuter Benefits

  • 401K and HSA


As a full-time employee, there is no set guideline or limit on how much vacation each employee is permitted to take. We encourage all employees to take at least two weeks vacation per year, and ask that you consider your workload and fairness to your colleagues when doing so.  All vacation requests should be submitted to your supervisor. 

Equity Grant

Full-Time Coordinators receive twice as many option grants than Part-Time Coordinators.

About Wellthy

Wellthy is a chronic and elder care concierge. We help manage healthcare for families with sick and aging loved ones. Families are assigned a dedicated Care Coordinator (think project manager) who will create a plan and start getting tasks done, all through a modern online experience. Wellthy takes the pain out of care – scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, finding the right aide, handling the move into a care facility, contesting insurance bills, and much more. For employers, Wellthy reaches, supports, and improves productivity for caregiving employees. As seen in Forbes and Fast Company.


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