Though it can feel daunting, estate planning saves families from an overwhelming amount of legal questions, decisions, and complications in the wake of a loved one’s passing. It also gives a family peace of mind that their loved one’s wishes will be honored when the day comes that they are no longer with them. And like any preparation related to caregiving, it’s never too early to start estate planning. Anyone with financial assets should consider how they want them handled in the event of their passing, no matter how old they are.

Join our webinar where Wellthy care experts will discuss what to consider when starting out with estate planning activities, legal terms and concepts to be familiar with when doing so, and how Wellthy can support families in the estate planning process.

The difference between estate planning and a will

Early steps that can be taken to begin estate planning at any age

Resources that are available to support families who are estate planning

You'll learn about:

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Feb. 23, 2022

3pm ET / 12pm PT

45 minutes


Beyond A Will: What to Know About Estate Planning

Hosted by Wellthy, your family's dedicated care support.

Meet our speakers

Melanie Chambers

Associate Partnerships Manager

Allie Haaz

Care Adviser

Care Coordinator

Meet our speakers

Bina Colman

Trish Jean

Client Success Associate

Bill Armstrong

Care Adviser