April is Autism Acceptance Month. One in every 160 children today is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, making it a condition that affects millions of people and their families around the globe. Wellthy is here to educate and support employees and their families managing this condition.

In this webinar, we’ll share some tips to keep in mind when receiving an ASD diagnosis, and discuss care systems and services that are available to support those with ASD as well as their families. Whether an ASD diagnosis has been in you or your family’s life for decades or just a few weeks, this webinar should be informative and supportive.

Navigating an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis

Ways to care for a neurodivergent loved one

Real-life examples of Wellthy supporting Autistic people and their families

You'll learn about:

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Apr. 27, 2022

3pm ET / 12pm PT

45 minutes


A Family's Guide to Autism Caregiving

Hosted by Wellthy, your family's dedicated care support

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Melanie Chambers

Associate Partnerships Manager

Allie Haaz

Care Adviser

Sr. Care Manager

Meet our speakers

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Meet our speakers

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